Lectures to be presented at the Birla Science Centre, Hyderabad, India, Feb 16-21, 2020.

The official website of the winter school is https://astrowin19.wixsite.com/astrowin20. Please apply to attend the school through the official website.

Please also stay updated through the Facebook page.

This event is open to students in all Bachelors and Masters level programs, i.e., need not be Astronomy. Students should have an interest in astronomy and in cross-cultural interaction. We emphasize many different kinds of learning and the value of cultural exchange and networking.

A limited number of spaces will be available.

Website for the 2019 school:


Links for the 2017 school:

Links for the 2016 school (Astronomy at Taj):

email contact: astrowin19@gmail.com

www.facebook.com/AstroWinSc (talk videos are on this site)

Students from Western and others from outside India may find some of the following links useful: